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Will All US Public Services Collapse In Total Government Shutdown?

With the relationship between the Federal employees and the Obama administration touching its lowest point, the possibilities of a Government shutdown is becoming stronger in the United States.
The relationship has been more than normal for the last two years in spite of a Federal pay freeze for two years announced by the Obama administration. Insiders are saying that the government shutdown may be more due to lack of information rather than money. But the Obama administration is getting geared up to face this total government shutdown and have asked different agencies to keep themselves ready for the final call. Many of the workers will be furloughed. As per estimates given by the Union, about 90% of the federal employees will have to be furloughed if the situations are not cleared soon.

But people are asking what will be the implications of a total government shutdown mean.

Not a total Shutdown – First of all there will not be a total shutdown as the workers associated with the security and health of America will continue to work. These include prison guards, law enforcement officers and air traffic controllers.

Not for the first time – Since 1977, America has seen 17 government shutdowns, the last one being in 1996. During that shutdown, 800,000 federal workers were made furlough, or made to work without pay.

What will happen to military – During the government shutdown, people at war will get pay for one week instead of two.

Social Security – Mailing of social security checks will get delayed and in case of new applicants, it will be further delayed.

Health – All the big hospitals will remain open. But during the past shutdown, it was seen that the operations got disrupted at the National Institute of Health and Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Tourist Spots – These will be really hampered if there is a government shutdown. All monuments, parks and national museums will remain closed.

Passport applications – During the last government shutdown, it was seen that about 200,000 passport applications were unprocessed.



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