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Sarah Palin’s Emails Showed Husband Had A Great Role In Her Governance

In response to the public rights information filed by the media houses, about 13,000 emails of controversial politician Sarah Palin has been released on Friday. The Sarah Palin emails show her relationships with her close politicians and how she was a champion of populist issues which range from energy policy to women’s rights.

The Sarah Palin emails show that on many occasions she had fight with the detractors on government commissions and also with multinational companies seeking a favor to the vast oil and gas reserves of Alaska. She also named an oil company executive and said that conversation with her did not go well.

Sarah Palin has also expressed in various emails that she is not happy about the various negative media clippings which has been published by different newspapers and channels.  Palin became a figure of attraction to the media after she was picked up Sen. John McCain for the vice presidential candidate in the year August 2008. The emails which were given to those media who had paid for it, run for 24,000 pages. After getting the emails, media persons were seen rushing towards their offices so that who could publish them first and take the credit of ‘breaking news’.

While running the state, Sarah Palin used to rely heavily on her husband Todd Palin. In fact, he was the person responsible for the controversial ouster of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan in September 2008. On many important matters like increasing wolf population of Alaska, she used to rely on the advice of her husband.


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