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Heat Wave Has Grabbed Almost Half Of The States Of USA

Heat wave has grabbed almost half of the states of USA. The weather department has issued health warnings to the people North East of the USA. Weather wise, this year has been quite bad as there has been a series of floods, tornadoes and snows which have swept the country.

In a rare twist of events, snow is falling on the biggest mountain of Hawaii as a thunderstorm has dropped 13,000 feet inches of ice. Very high temperatures were seen in most of the Southern states and heat wave is all set to reach record temperatures in the large cities like New York, Washington D.C. and Boston.

Weather department has asked people to take precautions, especially to the elderly people, the young and the people who do outdoor work. Some of the cities which have broken all previous records of high temperature include Texas and Houston as they recorded a all time high of 105F in the month of June. The others who are following this trend include New Orleans, Louisiana, St. Louis, Missouri, Wisconsin and Madison.

People are advised to take proper care while going outdoors as the temperatures are set to cross all record in the coming days. Take an umbrella while walking in the sun and drink plenty of glucose water. Wear light colored dresses as they reflect heat. Wear sunglasses to avoid exposing the eye to the glare of the sun.


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