Social Connectedness Can Keep Kids Happy

Recent Aussie report illustrates that the key for adult well-being is social connectedness, with friends, family and good-wishers.

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia and from Deakin University Craig Olasson and their colleagues have established this report through constant observation and using numerous sources. Human development studies in New Zealand are also indicating the same. However understanding the report is not surprising at all.

The researchers further analyzed the relationship level between kids and parents of different financial groups. Basically the research for the families below poverty level is conducted with utter seriousness and accuracy. The salient stages of such researches are: language development in childhood, social connectedness in childhood, academic achievements, social connectedness in youth, etc.

Data related to social connectedness in childhood were fetched from the opinions of parents and teachers. Child’s level of confidence is another big factor in such cases.

Journal of Happiness Studies have printed this piece of report recently.

JIT Mukherjii
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