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Three Slave Women Rescued From London

After 30 years of slavery three women were rescued from London. However, shocking this may seem but nevertheless it is sad yet true news. These three women were enslaved by their captors and one of the women even has spent 30 years of her life the city of London. This new case is entirely shocking which have shaken the whole nation. Also, this new revelation has lead to questions about the anti – slavery law that existed in the land. The women when rescued were in a state of high trauma and thus they were taken into safety care without any further delay.
One of the rescued women in her statement said that she had been held by the captors against her will. Also, the other women were held in the same circumstances. They were held in a house in the Lambent. The women were kept there for thirty years until a charity passed on the importation of the salves to the Metropolitan police. The charity maintained the contact with the women and then with the help of the police they were rescued, as said by Detective Inspector Kevin Hynland who works for the Scotland Yard.
Two of the hostages met with the charity workers and the detectives were also present in the circumstances. There the charity workers as well as the police persuaded them that they are in safe hands and thus they can leave the place. With information gathered from them the police searched the house where they got the 69 years old women from Malaysia, she was the oldest of all.

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