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Gabrielle Giffords Cheers Public via Face book After Tucson Attack

Gabrielle Giffords on Sunday gave her first appearance to public after a span of five months when she was shot in head in the mass shooting at Tucson. The photos of the Rep. Giffords was released over the Face book on 17th May represented the story about perseverance and her struggle with recovery after the gun violence attack in the Safeway parking lot of Tucson in January.

As per the information given by the Pia Carusone, spokeswoman, USA, after such a massive skull surgery Gifford has still a long way to recovery and might be discharged from TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehab facility by this month.

However, Carusone clarified in the weekly interview published in Arizona Republic that Gabrielle Giffords is somewhat relies over the facial expressions and gestures for communication, as she still has a problem in expressing bigger or complex thoughts perfectly.

She further said that Gifford after being released from the intensive therapy hospital will need to keep a regular date with the outpatient rehabilitation for physical, occupational and speech therapy for her perfect recovery.

It is to mention that after the Tucson attack, Gabrielle was first seen by public on 27th April, when she boarded a plane to Florida to meet her husband Mark Kelly, an astronaut and space shuttle commander.

Gabrielle Gifford is known to be the third congresswoman, who got the privilege to be elected as the Democratic member of the American House of Representatives. Since 2007 she has been representing the Arizona’s congressional district and prospering to greater heights of progression.


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