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Reducing Temperature Means Slow Down Of Climate

The researchers have confirmed that the declining global warming is leading to the lowering of temperature globally. There has been continuous heating in the stratosphere since then. However since 1998 the situation has come to a standstill which has resulted in the reduction of the rate of global warming in the coming years. However in the long run this is supposed to be increasing.

The slowdown of global warming however further notes that it is likely to affect the predicted temperature forecast in the long run.

The international team of research scholars and experts have tried to test if the increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide is doubled and  let the oceans and ice sheets adapts to this equilibrium for thousand years then how does the climatic change would affect its sensitivity. However the research proves that the temporary climatic change would respond in a much shorter intensity of temperature rise by 1-3 C (1.8-5.4F).  The change in temperature is most likely to face in the polar region.

However it has been observed that in the coming years of increasing global temperature the warming will actually be less than the predicted.

JIT Mukherjii
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