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Use This Wonderful Remote Surveillance Software For Better Security

For proper security reasons, installation of a surveillance camera is becoming a must use item now-a-days. The software used in most of these cameras help to record the video locally. With the help of a new software, you can record and do off premises remote surveillance.

While using CamNebula, a unique remote surveillance software, it will be very much easier for you to monitor your home from a remote place. For the testing purpose, the company is offering a free software named Webcam Watchdog 5.0.

Once the cloud software has been installed, you can start monitoring any movement in your home or office and that too, from a remote place. Whenever any motion will be detected at the watched place, you will receive an email alert in your inbox. A very important feature of this remote surveillance software is that you can watch the video with a very high quality picture from your smartphone which includes iPhone, Android, any tablet or from your desktop computer.

In order to run Watchdog 5.0 in your system, what you need is a CamNebula account which can be opened free of cost by registering in their website. You can set up multiple areas for detection of motion with this software.

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