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Downing Street Is Warned At The Collapse Of The Gay Marriage

The equalities minister of Britain has publicized her comment saying that the gay marriage bill will be at risk if Tory opponents come to sync with the Labour MPs and veto their power in favour of heterosexual couples.

It has been hinted that only with some basic corrections from Downing Street will arrange the bill for gay marriage. However this is increasing the bitterness and the problem amongst the opponents.

The above remarks however intensified with the mutual decision of MPs vote on the gay marriage bill that has eventually endangered government functions in the face of threats.

Downing Street is ready for the most gruesome decisions on Monday as most Labour MPs in partnership with Tory MPs are making their decision to vote for the amendment of civil partnerships to heterosexual couples. On the other hand government considers this amendment as cost involved affairs and distorted amendment that will eventually cause delay in its implementation.

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