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East Harlem Explosion Looks Like Ripping The Stomach Into Two

before and after explosion
before and after explosion

Several people were injured many people died in the massive gas explosion that leveled two five story buildings in the East Harlem Wednesday morning in a blast that jolted chunk of the city. People lay on the pavement, strewed among shattered glass and parts ripped from cars, the sidewalk dusted in ash.The two buildings that were standing before collapsed and spilled across Park Avenue. The whole street was filled with rubble, smoke and chaos. The panicked crowds ran here and there as they were terrified. The destruction of the buildings 1644 and 1646 Park Avenue between 116th and 117th street was instantaneous.

The apartments rumbled 10 blocks away. The passengers and neighbors streamed in to the street and quickly worked to rescue people who were trapped in the cars which were buried with rubble. The people who witnessed all this happening said that there was debris and gas all around. By Thursday morning the authorities reported that four fatalities were found from the explosion and more than two dozen were wounded. Nine occupants of the building were still missing as of Wednesday evening. Ambulances took the injured to the hospitals and people rushed towards the scene to find their missing loved ones.

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