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North Korea Bombs South Korea, Kills Innocent People

In a shameful twist of tales, North Korea attacked a small island in S. Korea border killing many innocent people living in that island. Shells have been fired and many buildings of the local people have been set ablaze. South Korea officials said that the South Korean troops based in that island fired back.

This is the first war between the two nations after the ceasefire agreement that was signed in 1953. A resident of the island told the reporter of that around fifty shells were fired and injured many people in the process. After hearing a thunderous sound, he came out of the house and found that the entire village was set on fire.

The South Korean President is now in an underground war room to assess the war situation. The situation between the two countries was already tensed as North Korea was exploring their nuclear power capabilities and sank a South Korean ship in the month of March. The Yellow sea border between the two nations saw worst ever naval clashes in 1999, 2002 and again in last November.

North Korean officials said that it was South Korea who fired initially and they only responded to that. However, South Korean officials have denied this allegation. The range of allegations and counter allegations are going on while the world leaders are really tensed over the developments and the possibilities of a war.

White House officials have strongly criticized the attack, saying that it will disturb the regional stability and peace and have urged both the parties to stop immediately. As a consequence of this development, the stock index in New York went down today, anticipating a war on the eastern front.

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