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History Takes New Dimension With Women To Become Bishops

A new history is on the verge of being created with The Church of England voting in favour of women to become bishops for the first time. This unprecedented idea was approved by ruling General Synod, who introduced this big change with majority of two-third.

Earlier in 2012, such a vote was backed by the Houses of Bishops and Clergy but faced stiff opposition from the traditionalist lay members who blocked it. Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury expressed his delight on such a news, however some opponents were unconvinced about the concessions offered to them.The big voting conducted in the House of Laity concluded with 152 in favour and 45 against the motion while five members abstained from casting their vote.

Reports obtained reveal that in the House of Bishops, 37 stood in favour, 2 against and one remained abstain from voting. The House of Clergy had 162 in favour and 25 against while 4 did not vote.Undoubtedly there is going to be a big change since till date exclusively males were appointed as bishops- a tradition that dates back to almost 2000 years.

Some Anglicans however view this idea to be a “cosmic shift”, arguing that the theology of the Church has been changed since with this new concept men and women stands at equality to teach and lead Christianity. The new legislation leaves the traditionalists relying highly on generosity and goodwill of the upcoming future lady bishops, a cause of anxiety for many but a sign of new culture of cooperation and trust to be unveiled in the Church.

The Archbishop of York claimed it to be a “momentous day” and said that women have served the Lord faithfully in the Church and it is a perfect idea of having them in the office of Bishops.

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