Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) will no more dance at Dancing With the Stars

The Season 10 “Dancing With The Stars Result” is bit of a surprise for many. LA Laker Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) wouldn’t be on the dance floor again. But the tall NBA player has taken the “Dancing With The Stars Result” in his stride as was evident in the television as well as in the press meet.

He was forthright in accepting that he wasn’t up to t his best on the dance floor, especially towards the end. But it was fun and he did his best. Did the change in name come in the way?

He was quick to point out that it has nothing do with the result and believes that he just wasn’t good enough. But he isn’t happy to leave the show so early from the competition. Dancing has been his prime love.

Athletes are supposed to do well on the dance floors. But Artel opines that unlike football players, who have to do a lot of work with their feet, the basketball players are not fit to do exceedingly well in dancing. The burst of energy that the basketball players bring in the court is pretty short, may be for four to five seconds after which they can regain the breath and come again. The sport prepares them for taking big strides and leaps. This is not so in case of the football players. They have to maneuver the ball in their toes all the time.

So, their body is ideally more suited for dance. The “Dancing With the Star Result” has gone the athletes way half of the times in the dozen competitions held so far, it is now up to goalie Hope to do it.

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