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Doctor Accused of Killing 7 Babies With Scissors

A doctor has been accused of delivering babies alive and then killing them with scissors. He used to run a filthy ‘abortion mill’ for many decades in a neighborhood in Philadelphia. He also killed a woman from overmedication as she survived for 20 years in a rehabilitation clinic. The doctor, named Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 69 years old was arrested on Wednesday as he is facing charges of murder for seven babies and one patient.

The prosecutors investigating the case have described the doctor’s clinic as a “horror house” as he used to keep parts of babies on the shelves. The intravenous anesthesia was given in his clinic by a 15 year old schoolboy. His wife was a cosmetologist and used to do abortions of advance pregnancy cases. Dr. Gosnell was a family practicing physician and has got no certificate in gynecology or obstetrics. Many women had left the clinic with horrible complications after the process of abortion was done. The clinic did not have any trained nurses or any medical staff.

The Philadelphia district health officials could not deny the blame altogether as they last did the inspection of the clinic way back in 1993. It was neglected by the government authorities because mostly poor minority women used to come here for treatment. Dr. Gosnell has earned about millions over the years by doing illegal abortion and we all hope that he will have to spend rest of his life in prison.

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