Half Of Americans Will Be Diabetic By 2020

By the year 2020, more than half of the Americans will be suffering from the deadly disease of diabetes. This silent killer disease will change the way people lead their daily lifestyle.

The month has been recognized as American Diabetes Month by the Community Health Center of Branch County (CHC). We think the time has arrived when people should take this matter more seriously than before. So the aforesaid institute has initiated the action to spread the awareness by communicating with the masses regarding the causes of Diabetes along with the dangerous effects which slowly damage the health from inside.

Majority of Americans still don’t take this issue quite seriously since they are ignorant of the significance of diabetes prevention and control. Hence the American Diabetes Association for many years has used the month of November as an opportunity to increase the understanding of the disease and its severe complications.

There are just about 24 million children and adult people in the United States suffering with diabetes. Furthermore, 57 million Americans are found to have symptoms of pre-diabetes and are at high chance of type 2 diabetes. One third of American children born today will face a danger from suffering with diabetes in future if some drastic measure is not taken at the current scenario.

Diabetes is not simply a condition. It is severe disease which may lead to fatal consequences.

The death rate among the diabetic patients is still quite high and it has increased by 45 percent, from 1947. Surprisingly the death rates caused by stroke, heart disease and cancer have declined significantly. Nearly 60 to 70 percent of diabetic people have minor to serious nerve damage that subsequently results in soreness in their feet or hands, digestion system deteriorates, along with sexual dysfunction, kidney failure and further nerve problems. The diabetic people have 10 times high risk of amputation than people without diabetes. It is also one of the major causes of blindness among adults.

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