See Hot Yana Gupta Without Underwear

Actress Yana Gupta has been spotted in a charity show and she must have forgotten to wear her underwear or the panty. This became quite clear while she was coming out of her car. Though she was trying her level best to cover her assets, but the all hungry media persons caught a glimpse of Yana Gupta without underwear.

As a consequence, Yana Gupta without underwear became the frontline coverage of the charity show and media simply forgot the basic intentions of the show. After all, getting such a juicy picture of Yana Gupta without underwear – who is going to leave it?

Tweeter has been flooded with messages of buying Yana Gupta a underwear so that she can cover her assets. Picture clearly shown in the video display that Yana Gupta was not even wearing a bra to cover her upper assets. The photographers and the media were more interested in covering that part of the story only. People think that Yana Gupta without a underwear needs a full wardrobe arranged properly.

The Hollywood celebrities who have created a similar situation like this before includes names like Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton.

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For details see the video below:

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