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Narendra Modi Yet To Win The Confidence Of His Own Party

Recent buzz about Mr. Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister is a big question in the BJP Parliamentary Board. Even Mr. Modi’s speech complicates the urgency of the inside BJP project. The self-projection speech of Modi as a Prime Minister is the real tension of the other BJP leaders. Modi, in other words, creates problem and even display opportunity for the BJP because of his strong and popular image in front of the electorate. The red painted camp of Modi, offer a step towards the next Prime Minister and this leads to conflicts within the members of the BJP.

Modi, the only Chief Minister in the BJP Parliamentary board wants to tighten the grip of the central leadership in the BJP. The camp of Advani also offers a surprise attack on the Modi camp by making Smriti Irani the general secretary. The inside game plan of the BJP, leads many speculations about the situation as well as for the Election 2014. It is the plan of the sole survivor in the name of the party politics. The tension cripples the thoughts of the BJP leaders and affects the opportunity level in the coming election.

All in one, Advani, the senior member of the BJP bears the perfect persona of Modi. The ravishing attitude of Modi will limit the reach of BJP. Modi also cut down the range of rivals inside the BJP party back in Gujarat. However, Modi’s excellent speeches excite the interest of the society, but the acceptability test within the BJP party is the first step for Modi. Winning the confidence of the party leaders and allies is the biggest challenge in front of the Modi. Once, he gains the confidence of the party, he will be all set to face Rahul Gandhi’s Congress in the 2014 Election.

JIT Mukherjii
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