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Houston Marathon Results 2011: U.S. Half-Marathon championships

The 39th Annual Chevron Houston Marathon 2011 were held at Sunday morning at Houston where thousand of runners from all over the country were gathered to participate the race.

Apparently, Ryan Hall, who is the American record-holder for the 13.1 miles event with a 59:43 delivered in Houston in 2007, lost the race as he was three seconds slower than the Moroccan-born Mo Trafeh’s 1:02:17, but later he seemed to be happy.

The roaster list of Houston Marathon 2011 will be Jorge Torres (Boulder, Colo.), an Olympian in 2008 to 10,000 meters, Patrick Smyth (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.), the 2010 half-marathon runner-up, 2004 Olympic Games Dan Browne (Chula Vista, Calif.), Jason Lehmkuhl (Minneapolis, Minn.), 2008 Half-Marathon runner-up, and Sergio Reyes (Los Osos, Calif.) 2010 USA Marathon Champion.

In contrast, the women’s race faces 2009 champion Boulet in a deep field that contains 2010 USA Running Circuit champion Katie McGregor (Saint Louis Park, Minn.), 2004 Olympic Trials Marathon champion Colleen De Reuck (Boulder, Colo.), three-time Olympian Jen Rhines (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.); 2010 runner-up Serena Burla (Ellisville, MO), and Zoila Gomez (Alamosa, Colo.) and Tera Moody (Colorado Springs, Colorado), the finishing fourth and fifth women’s 2008 Olympic TrialsMarathon.

Three-time Olympian Jen Rhines wins the women’s circuit, as she finishes in a 1:11.14 personal best. Serena Burla wins the second position (1:11.38) for the second consecutive year and Nan Kennard is third (1:12.03). A field of 63 men and 41 women started the race on Saturday at a cloudy atmosphere with a temperature of 60 degrees. Hall set the record on a different course in 2007. Mostly flat road Saturday presented some hairpin turns that eventually slowed the riders.

Houston Half Marathon 2011 Mens – At Finish

Jeffrey Eggleston – 1:08:26

Luis A Armenteros – 1:11:56

Mario Delgado – 1:11:59

Chris J Layman – 1:12:47

Steve Imig – 1:13:04

Houston Half 2011 Womens – At Finish

Colleen De Reuck – 1:16:19

Leah Thorvilson – 1:18:50

Margaret M Lyons – 1:19:57

Diana Hirst – 1:21:09

Janessa J Dunn – 1:22:45

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