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5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Oklahoma City, Damages Reported

A very strong earthquake today hit Central Oklahoma late on Saturday and major damages to private and public properties have been reported. US officials say that the earthquake today was of magnitude 5.6.

The intensity of the earthquake today was so huge that it rattled a college stadium 50 miles away. The same area witnessed another small earthquake of magnitude 4.7 earlier on Saturday. If the report of 5.6 reading is true, the earthquake today will be the most powerful in the history of the state. When the quake struck, the players were in the locker room of the stadium and could feel the tremor and they got really frightened.

The earthquake today struck around 10.53 local time on Saturday and the epicenter was 44 miles north-east of Oklahoma City. But no death or damage to human life has been reported so far. The earthquake was felt from far away places like Tennesse and Wisconsin, as per the report published by the USGS.

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