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Massive Mob Protests On Turkey Streets

Protesters were fearlessly protesting on the Turkey’s streets and the rebellions are being encountered by the police.  This huge upheaval has sprouted fire and anguish on the AK ruling party of Turkey that has lead to the blazing down of the offices into the early hours of Monday morning.

There were a massive demonstrations and agony over the split of the party and politics that turned the calm streets into a warfare zone. Protesters even threw bombs on the ruling party offices and set ablaze their building as the video footage confirmed the news roads around the Prime Minister’s house were completely cordoned off by the guardsmen and police fired rampantly the tear gas to broke off the mob protests.

It started with near Erdogan’s office in Istanbul where a demonstrator broke off with a digger that soon followed by a fiery mob across the nation. However, soon paramedical facilities flew to the area to heal up the wounds of the victims at a nearby mosque. But medical staff including trainee doctors was wounded in the clashes that occurred. This was the fourth consecutive anti-government demonstrations and campaigns that almost flouted the entire city and resulted in the declaration of emergency all over the city.

Police started raiding the nearby shopping malls as there were reports about the demonstrators hiding out in those comfort zones.

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