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Europe Leads In World Tourism Destinations

With unrest capturing the climate of many nations, some of the countries of Europe still remain one of the most preferred tourist destinations of the world. The list of the world’s most attractive tourist spots has been released by none other than The World Economic Forum.
It has been observed that out of the ten most preferred tourist destinations of the world, seven are from Europe.  Switzerland still remains the most preferred tourist destination, topping the list and Germany and France have occupied that second and third place, respectively. Other European countries which have got their place in the first ten include Sweden, Austria, Spain and UK.
The three non European nations which have got a place in the list include Singapore, USA and Canada. The other factors which have been considered while doing the ranking include price competitiveness, transport infrastructure and natural, cultural resources. Switzerland has topped the list because of it’s excellent transport infrastructure which include wonderful hotel rooms at affordable prices and also plenty of cultural and natural resources.
Germany has got the second place because of the excellent environmental regulations imposed by the Government on the tourism industry. The countries of France and Germany have been highly praised because of their good ground transport infrastructure.

The following are the world’s most preferred tourist destinations –

1. Switzerland
2. Germany
3. France
4. Austria
5. Sweden
6. United States
7. United Kingdom
8. Spain
9. Canada
10. Singapore

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