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Herman Cain Is The Winner Of The Florida Straw Poll

Herman Cain raced ahead of Rick Perry in the Florida straw poll today. Former
governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney remained in the third place.

Almost 40 percent of people out of the 2,657 voted in favor of, Mr. Cain, a
former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza.

The contestants addressed the people congregated for the Faith and Freedom
Coalition and Conservative Political Action Conference meetings.

Mr. Cain had the crowd on their feet with his impassioned speech on Friday

The straw poll was a minor setback for Mr. Perry, for a result in his favor
would have helped him tide over the negative impacts that his uninspiring
performance create during the debate last Thursday night. He extended his
stay in Florida and hosted the breakfast for the delegates on Saturday morning.

Although Mr. Perry congratulated Mr. Cain, he didn’t forget take a subtle dig
at Mr. Perry by saying that the people in Florida as well as all over the country
need somebody who is holds an emphatic and clear views on issues and not
somebody who dodges or changes viewpoints time and again.

Michele Bachmann, continued with her dismal performance and could win
only 1.5 percent of the votes and came last in the straw poll. This would surely
impede her effort in getting donations, especially from the affluent donors, to
support her campaign.

The straw poll was also a dampener for the former governor of Utah, Jon

If Mr. Cain can win at Iowa, it would definitely provide a great to boost to his

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