Amber Rose Says She Is Close To Nikki Minaj

Amber Rose has shared to the world that in spite of her break up with Kanye, she is not sad and sitting at home and weeping. On the contrary, she has got a wonderful girlfriend in the form of Nikki Minaj. Amber Rose is an ex stripper and is well known for her sexy approach in all places wherever she goes.

Amber Rose says that she, Nikki and Kanye were good pals together from the days of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Amber Rose has further commented that she prefer to be close to Nikki Minaj as both of them are powerful feminine figures.

It is quite evident from the pictures shown that Amber Rose and Nikki like each other very much and that attraction has turned out to friendship for both of them. Amber Rose said that she is a combination of a perfect feminine power. Now let us see how far this friendship can last in the long run.

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