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Launched Sony XPERIA Water-Proof Fot Just Rs 46,990

The reports claim that Sony new edition tablet  Xperia is available for just Rs. 46,990. The elegant design and innovative designs caters to the new technological balance with slim and waterproof designs that will enhance its competition with other Andoid tablets and Apple I pad. It’s user friendly with gigantic screen and greater memory of storage capacity that will ensure greater clarity and feasibility to the customers. Even the new package of TV connection gives better mileage to this luxuries and premium tablet.

It’s water resistant and dust proof technology gives better dimension and usages and keeps the customer readily updated with the latest technology. On the other hand with such unique features even Samsung Galaxy 4 and HTC were launched except some value added add on benefits which one can enjoy with Sony XPERIA.

The technology have been updated and kept on spiraling with Sony’s R&D teams who has proven excellence with the passage of time and their trust and values is quietly delivered in the mechanism of new Sony Xperia. While checking it on as the part of promotional and product testing campaigns the clarity and feasibility of this slim tablet ensures its USP and promises to be the eye candy of the growing customer demands as soon as it is launched.

JIT Mukherjii
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