Mario Goetze ––– Man Who Led Germany to World Cup Victory

goetezSunday’s World Cup Final witnessed a historic moment, when Goetze scored a goal in the 113th minute of the match. This 22-years old player led the Germans to victory, ending their long awaited desire. This historic victory helped them to climb up the chart and claim the World Cup for the forth time, which takes them to the second position just after Brazil, who top’s the list with the victory of five World Cups. Germany is now thus, in the same position as that of Italy. Germany’s first World Cup title came to them in the year 1954, then in the year 1974 and the third win came to them in 1990.

The 2014 World Cup was not only against Argentina, but was also a match against Lionel Messi, who is known for his skills in football. But Goetze over did all these, and scored a goal in the extra-time, against Argentina, and took away the World Cup. Goetze played his first tournament for Germany in the year 2010, at the age of 18, which made him the youngest international player, after UweSeeler(1954); and when he scored against Austria he became Germany’s youngest scorer. Goetze has a record of 11 goals, in35 matches played by him, for Germany. German victory had become all the more easy, when Messi’s free kick went high above the bar; and Argentinian hope from their hero was shattered, with the rise of Goetze, in the 113th minute of the match. The World Cup Final ended with 1-0, and the emergence of a new hero.

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