Eli manning injury was minor but scared the people with pool of blood

The noted football player Eli Manning got a fatal injury while he was playing a football match against the Jets on Monday night when the incident occurred.
The Eli Manning hit happened when Eli Manning’s teammate Brandon Jacob first hit the helmet of Manning and it was not intentional, but a pure accident. After that, Calvin Pace, the linebacker of the Jets hit Manning and knocked his helmet off into the air. At this stage, Eli Manning had a bad collision with another defender of the Jets. Hit badly, he started loosing lot of blood from the head and was immediately removed out of the field. He was rushed to the hospital where he received three stitches on his three inches wound.
Experts of the game are of the opinion that the timing of the injury was perfect as the play came on a fourth down. Manning was given timely treatment and doctors say that it would not be a long term problem.
But people in the field got scared as huge amount of blood was coming out of the head of Manning and eye witnesses say that it can only be compared to a horror movie. People rarely see such horrified incidents on the football field and the huge outflow of blood really made people scary after seeing the horrifying scene.
Reacting to the incident, Manning said, “The play was my fault. We had a run play with an option to throw a fade that I thought I might try, but Brandon was coming right up the middle. Sometimes you make a mistake and you get hit in the head. It’s preseason. You learn from it. I’ll be back as soon as I can. It’s really not an injury. I really feel like I could go back out and play right now if I had to.
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