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What do global customers feel on the Third generation iPad from Apple

The release of the iPad3 in the souk on Wednesday, with its new advancements in terms of features and specifications, brought in a wave of excitement among people around the world. The manufacturers of Mac embedded a 5 MP camera in this new tablet that is capable of shooting HD videos. The core processor that powers the gadget and its 4G functionality is definitely worth appreciation.

Different users of the previous version of iPad are having different ideologies about this priced gadget. Waynette Brown, a resident of Phoenix has already made a pre-booking for this gadget owing to the tempting high resolution camera. Ted Brockwood, an iPad1 user has from San-Francisco, is seeing this new gadget due to the crisp display.

Marie Kroll from the same city also praised the device due to the impressive graphics card (that delivers a better gaming experience) and HD TV enablement; but, being a user of the 2nd gen iPad, he is unsure about making a buy. Similar comments were also made by Katie Small, an employee of Macy.

On the other hand, Dylan Novicky, who is a theatrical stagehand, was not very overwhelmed with this new launch as he said that there was nothing exclusive in this gadget.

Eugene Steptoe, an employee of cable cars wants this device for his wife ahile Mick Steier likes it as it is cool.

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