Lindsay Lohan white dress creating controversy

International star Lindsay Lohan, who was once considered to be an idol for millions of teens has plead not guilty in High Court. Just out of rehab, Lohan was accused of stealing a 2500$ necklace from an LA store. The owner has even claimed that she had tried diamond earrings and had somehow “forgotten” to take one of them off.

She had appeared in court dressed in a pristine white dress that left little to the imagination. This tight mini Lindsay Lohan white dress has attracted a lot of attention and Lindsay is apparently appalled. “How can people think of my dress even when I am in court? It’s so absurd and it should not make news”, she said. It seemed that she wanted to prove her innocence by dressing in virginal white. However her recent offences have definitely lowered her social status. She pleaded not guilty in twitter and said that it was not how she was raised. She quoted in her Facebook page too that she had not tried to pilfer the diamond necklace from that LA store.

She was released on a bail of $40000 and was heavily reprimanded by Justice Keit Schwartz who made it clear to Lohan that she was not a star in any court of law and she must abide by all the laws and state regulations without any kind of bias. She nodded meaningfully and seemed to take in all the advice that was being dished out to her.

It did seem that in case she repeats her offences in future, she just might have to serve full term and shall not be able to acquire bail or buy her way out. Even dressing provocatively might not help as her offences seem to be getting bigger and worse. The once admired teenage idol is now on a journey of downfall. One only hopes that it doesn’t include prison, again.

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