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Perform Shivaratri Puja And Convey Shivaratri Wishes

Today is Shivratri and is being celebrated all over India. Shiva is the lord symbolizing the husband. So, on this auspicious day, women take to fast claiming well wishes and long life of her husband. Mahashivarati songs are played throughout the day and many such songs are available from the Internet free of cost.

People also tend to send shivaratri SMS to their well wishers and the devotees start the prayer after 20:00 hours in the evening and it is expected to continue till 04:00 hours in the morning. People believe that during this period, Lord Shiva appears in such a grace which human eye can accommodate and adjust.

The conduct of shivaratri puja is quite unique and it follows the following steps –

  1. One should wake up early and take bath
  2. Then you need to apply some ash on the forehead
  3. Sit in front of Lord Shiva and light an idol
  4. Offer some Bilva leaves
  5. Bath your shivling with water

During the process, go on chanting shiva stotram as that is considered as mantra. During some part of the day, try to send shivaratri wishes to your close friends and relatives. You can get many sivaratri SMS from the Internet and use them if you feel that your stock is running out.

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