Do You Believe “OPRAH” A Lesbian?

Oprah Winfrey, the popular TV personality once again has hit the headlines because of her lesbian connection with her long term pal Gayle King. This time she has spoken to Barbara Walters in a television interview on channel ABC. Oprah has entirely denied that she is into a romantic relationship with Business woman Gayle who is now 55, one year younger than Oprah. But she could not resist her tears due to the sharp attack of questions from the interviewer. Walter directly addressed rumors by saying that Oprah is a lesbian.

At that time Oprah strongly expressed her disagreement with this statement. She said, she does not even have that kind of sexual orientation. She says that she feels irritated that when someone spreads rumors like this as because it not only hurts her feelings, but she doesn’t need to hide if she is genuinely a lesbian. She has categorically mentioned that this is not her way of living.
The interview took a dramatic turn when Winfrey suddenly broke into tears while describing her bond with King. Oprah said King gave her motherly affection. Not only that, her loving nature always kept her thinking, that she would be an ideal sister that everybody would desire for. Winfrey further added “It’s making me cry because I’m thinking about how much I probably have never told her. Tissue, please. I now need tissue. I’ve never told her that.”

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