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E-books Is Increasing The Reading Habit Of The Americans

As per a new assessment, every fifth American adult is a reader of one or the other book in its electronic version. It also said that a fuelling trend is seen in which the citizens are having their love for reading renewed.

Among the American adults, the percentage of e-book readers has increased to 21% in February, this year from 17% in December last year. It is assumed that this rise owes to the booming sales of tablets as well as other e-readers in this last holiday season.

On Thursday, the survey of American Life-Project and Pew Internet was released which confirmed that these gadgets have indeed aided in turning the customers into super-readers. The readers of E-books fetched 24 titles on an average, last year, as compared to 15, which was bagged by the readers of physical books.

The administrator of research at Pew, Lee Rainie proclaimed that the e-book readers happen to stand ahead in almost every aspect from that of the other readers.

It has been seen that e-reading enhances an interest in books of every format. Apart from downloading books from the internet, via computers, smartphones and tablets, the e-readers are also seeking for books from libraries. They are also seen to buy books from both online and physical bookstores.

Pew conducted a survey of around 300 people, aged 16 or above, and found that nine out of ten of them, had a past experience of reading books physically before laying hands on e-books.

This survey should make the publishers happy as there is a scope for better book business, which would thereby, enhance literacy.

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