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2010 daylight savings time dates are making the alarms ring earlier

The people in New Zealand are currently facing some weird problem regarding Daylight Saving Time. Since the iOS bug in Apple devices are causing frequent alarms to go off one hour before the desired time after New Zealand has switched to Daylight Saving Time a week before. Apple has announced that it will fix the problem very soon, and it’s expected that the solution will be offered with the impending iOS 4.2 update.

It is a matter of surprise that the update hasn’t arrived soon enough to prevent the trouble from striking Europe. The switchover to Daylight Saving Time is also causing the alarms to go off one hour in advance of the desired time. The problems faced by the people of Europe in this regard are more or less similar to that of the people in New Zealand and Australia.

Moreover as our reporters have been told by the concerned authorities that within a week, the iPhone users in United States will probably going to face the similar problem of the recurring alarms which will occur an hour later the current Standard time. But hopefully Apple is going to solve the problem by November 7. Meanwhile, the European iPhone users have two options. Either they can set their alarms to ring off an hour before than normal which means they can set the timer at 5 AM if they need to wake up at 6 o clock in the morning), or discard the recurring alarms for the time being.

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