Harmful Toxins Found In Toothpaste And Soaps

Amazed? Unfortunately, it’s true. Toxics Link an NGO working amidst environmental issues based at New Delhi has come up with up a report which is outrageous. Triclosan, a harmful chemical which is proved to cause an imbalance in the hormonal system, is very commonly used in our households.

It can cause hepatic disorders, mental trauma and even fatal diseases like cancer was detected from 72.8% samples selected.

To conduct the study, they chose two commodities which are of daily use and they were sent to test in order to estimate the amount of antimicrobial agents present in them. From the eleven samples of toothpaste and soap each, four kinds of toothpaste and single soap out of eleven were detected with high concentrations of chemical i.e, beyond the 3000 ppm which is prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.
Experts of NGO refer this as a disturbing trend which can cause long term effects regarding health in the society. Even children aren’t spared from this as toothpaste exclusive for children also contains triclosan. The fact that we must ponder in this context is,this chemical due to its harmful effect are banned in several nations.
Most of the personal care products we have in our market were detected with 0.1% to 0.3% of triclosan. This plight is not just confined to humans alone. Fertilizers formed as a waste from sewage treatment contains the chemical in huge amount and when the same fertilizer is used for cultivation it is obvious that both the plants and animals will get affected.
The aquatic ecosystem is also affected due to the discharge of triclosan through waste water from industries. Aquatic life, as well as the quality of water, is hindered hence its effect becomes more and more expanded. Other professional from the same NGO recommended that norms which are rigid in nature should be implemented to control the particular trend and to sustain a safer world unharmed by toxic chemicals. So for a better and  healthier world lets unify our efforts and thoughts.



JIT Mukherjii
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