Jersey Shore Season 5 Premier Rating Goes Little Down

MTV last night premiered the fifth season of popular TV show Jersey Shore, where viewers found that the cast coming back from Italy and head back to Seaside Heights, New Jersey for the next summer of drama and partying. As far as the ratings for the series’ return are concerned, those were good in general, but still they were down from the previous season premiere, which may possibly signifies that interest in the series is declining.

Per Variety, 7.6 million viewers were sitting infront of their televison set to watch the Jersey Shore cast return to their beach house in New Jersey. Whereas viewers were up from the Season 4 finale last October (6.63 million), 7.6 million is down by about a million from the numbers for the Season 4 premiere.

A million-viewer decline barely indicates that the series is no longer popular among viewers, but it surely does imply that several viewers have changed their tastes and prefering some other program. The “Italy” season, which was broadcasted last year and took place in Florence, looked off-rhythm. Whether it was since the cast wasn’t able to carry on their normal gym-tan-laundry routine and visit their desired night spots, or as the cast is started to grow apart after several seasons of living and partying together, viwerrs perhaps didn’t liked it, which seems to be the main reason why viewers moved on from the show as Season 4 wore on. But lots of viwers has returned for Season 5’s opening. Whether they continue to watch the show is yet to be seen. But 7.6 million is certainly not a bad start for the program.

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