Arizona Beauty Queen Kumari Fulbright Sentenced to 2 years In Prison

Arizona beauty queen Kumari Fulbright has been sentenced to 2 years in judicial custody for making a kidnap plot and kidnapping her boyfriend. She has also been accused of torturing him a lot. She made a plot of accusing Joshua Conwa of stealing her jewelry when actually she gave them to her for selling.

Kumari Fulbright called Conwa to her apartment on December 8, 2007 and as soon as Conwa entered her apartment, three men dived on him, held him with a rope and started hitting him. Kumari Fulbright attacked Conwa with a knife and reports say that she was even trying to bit him with her teeth. The attack was totally planned and it was really a very brutal one.

Kumari Fulbright has been convicted on charges of robbery, kidnapping and aggravated charges of assault. She has also been asked to pay $15,000 as restitution in this case. The three men present in her apartment has also been charged and their sentence is due next week.

JIT Mukherjii
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