Want Happiness In Life? Stay Focused

If your mind is under your full control and you can stop being restless, then it imply that you are living a happy life. Recently a study has revealed this amazing fact that mental focus is a key to happy and successful living.

Human brain being significantly different from animals tends to wander. In fact people spend nearly 47 percent of their time in thinking about various things which hardly resemble to what they are currently doing.

According to doctors this is not a very good sign for their emotional conditions. Matthew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert, the authors who conducted the study have mentioned that human mind is a typical nomadic mind and this kind of mental state signifies unhappiness. The report was published in “Science” in its Nov. 12 issue which has given a new orientation to the theories of human behaviors. The author also wrote that this type of behavior to think on what is not happening is a cognitive act that comes at an emotional cost.

Killingsworth is a PhD student in psychology at Harvard University, where Gilbert has been appointed as a psychology professor.

Do you know where does our mind wander? It migrates in recalling also repenting about the past events, besides looking ahead anticipating dangers that might occur in the future.

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