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North Carolina Tornado Kills 15 People

Disaster struck North Carolina when 62 tornadoes stuck the state killing at least 15 people and injuring 50 others. The violent storm damaged several buildings killing man and destroying machinery.

A high threat warning has been announced by the Weather Department in 90 counties of North Carolina and southern part of Virginia. Virginia also suffered losses with Gloucester Emergency Department confirming 3 deaths and about 20 injuries. The tornado fell trees and demolished homes in Gloucester County along with damage in neighbouring locations like James City, Middlesex and Isle of Wight.

Waynesboro was also hit with storm and floods. Apart from the death of two persons, the Surry power station shut down. The effect was temporary as the power station was immune to natural disasters.

The tornadoes were as result of a violent storm that triggered hail and floods too. Rescue agencies are searching for more bodies to get accurate data of the number of people who have died or got injured. Generally speaking, normal life of people got severely affected by the storms, tornadoes or any form of natural disaster. The disaster took its toll in the states of North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia.

This is the worst ever natural disaster since 1984. Most people including the war veterans were shocked by what they saw and experienced. Uprooting of trees, homes reducing to debris, and divine survival of some people among the ruins were some of the reactions of the public.

Rescue operation is currently going on and will continue for at least quite some time. The North Carolina state governor will take an aerial view of the worst hit areas and take rescue measures.

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