Marital Discord Stems From Sleep Deprivation In Women

Recent research done by the University Of Pittsburgh School Of medicine has rightly pointed out that sleep deprivation leads to marital discord amongst couples. It has been seen that when wives are unable to get a quiet night’s sleep due to some reason which can be snoring of the husband or something else, they carry a negative impact while interacting with their husbands the following day. But the same does not hold true in case of their husbands.

The results of the research were based on the study done on 35 couples and their observations stored in the e dairy. It was pointed out, that wives who had a disturbed sleep pattern the previous night were prone to negative interactions with their husbands on the following day. If this pattern continues the behavior of the wives become quite irritating.

The school of medicine rightly prescribed that in order to ensure that women in the family get a good night’s rest, the following steps can be adopted

1)Keep dim Light in the sleeping area: Preferably keep a dim table lamp in the bed room that would be more than sufficient. This will help the wife to sleep well even if the husband is snoring.

2) Sleeping Pills: Prescribed pills that induce sleeping pattern amongst women can be consumed under the supervision of the doctors. Women can have a deep sleep by taking those pills and cannot feel any disturbance for the entire night.



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