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Debate On Gay Issue Is Becoming Hot In Australia

The Australia Labour Party (ALP) has planned a national conference on gay marriage in Australia. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has given the green signal for the conference which has been brought forward by more than six months. This will help the ALP to sort out the fight over the policy differences and that too, without having any impact on the election chances which are scheduled to be held in the year 2013.

Ms Gillard informed the media that the conference is a right platform to have a debate on the issue and it can have a contest of ideas. She felt that if the conference is held just before the elections then the cheap political factors may influence the decision and outcome of the conference. The debate will be biased as all eyes will be focused on getting votes.

The Leftists are trying to take it as an advantage of getting all the gay votes from the Greens. They also want a discussion on civil unions at the conference. Though the Left is asking for a debate on both these issues, they want their civil union issue to be resolved first. They want the issues to be discussed one at a time and in such a situation, the issue of civil union is more important to them than the gay marriages.

Do you know why? Because there are more workers in Australia than gay right activists.

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