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Glaciers Of The Karakoram Range In Himalayas Are Expanding

It has been reported that certain mountain ranges in the Himalayan region are getting their glaciers expanded. The research revealed that in this era of global warming, the glacial bodies in the Karakoram Range had increased. The sea-levels are increasing due to the melting of the ice caps and sheets along with the bergs of ice owing to the global warming. This global warming and its consequences have threated numerous low-lying countries and islands and their populations.

As revealed by the studies from the University-of-Grenoble, a French university, the glacier of this range have gained about 0.22 to 0.11 metres each year from 1998 till 2008. The experts from the university also proclaimed that this mass gaining at the opening of the present century signposts that the trend in the eastern as well as the central glaciers does not represent the whole of the Himalayas.

The satellite images have also confirmed this research which features that the Karakoram Range has deviated from the generic trend in this Global warming arena. Moreover, they have not tailed this trend since the past four years and thus haven’t contributed to the sea-level rise.

A professor from the University-of-Exeter, U.K, Stephan Harrison, said that this considerable variability has been experienced by this range because of the rock debris layers that cover it.

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