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Missing MH- 370 Mystery Now Criminal Case

The mystery on the disappear of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 takes new dimension as the reports in the Wall Street Journal reveal that the case has been classified as a criminal investigation.

The dire but vain search reached 25th day and more than 170 statements have been recorded by the police. According to General Khalid Abu Bakar, police is investigating strongly for the ongoing probe and it may take long time as every little thing needs to be cleared out.

Reports say that the police is also inquiring about the cargo and food served on the plane as the possibility of poisoning cannot be wiped out completely.

At the moment police is keener on trawling through the backgrounds of Captain Zapharie Ahmad Shah and Fariq Abdul Hamid, along with examining whether a passenger had hijacked the plane and flew it to some remote areas of the Indian Ocean. Possibility of an accident is not ruled out though.

It was reported that Captain Ahmad Shah’s home-made flight simulator remained inconclusive and the police was awaiting expert reports. The Malaysian authorities have even handed over flight simulator hard drives to US authorities including the FBI when they discovered the information was deleted.

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