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May 21st: Doomsday All Over Again!

89 year old Harold Camping has recently gone on record to predict the date 21st May to be the final doomsday for earth. If you are worried about it then you may want to consider the fact that he has done it before and the last time he said somewhere in September 1994 mankind shall come to an end. Much of the lore about doomsday comes from deductions made from the Bible which states is different paragraphs that Jesus would walk the earth again one day and bring with him Armageddon. It is based on this and numerological calculations that most people do not understand that Camping has gone on record to call May 21st, doomsday or simply the day when the world will end.

May 21st, doomsday may fall upon us like never before or the bubble will burst all over again as has been the case many a time before as Camping is one in a line of many who have gone onto proclaim different days to be “end of the world day” and yet never been on the mark. While Camping doesn’t say that the end of the world will be instantaneous, you can kiss the Christmas pudding goodbye. If the many followers of this separate belief or the Rapture are to be believed then we stand little chance of survival unless we repent and so they say on Facebook, twitter and linkedin.

Repent or not it wouldn’t really harm you to meet your whole family and express your love to them once before May 21st, doomsday, Armageddon or whatever you want to call it passes. You won’t regret it even if the world doesn’t end on the aforementioned date.


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