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Christian Slater Died In A Snowboard Accident

We just got the news via web that, the famous American Actor Christian Slater have died few moments ago due to a snowboard accident earlier today on January 31, 2011.

The actor & trainee snowboarder was on a vacation at the Zermatt ski resort in Zermatt, Switzerland with his family and friends.

Christian Slater death, Christian Slater death reasonAccording to the eyewitnesses Christian Slater suddenly lost control of his snowboard and within seconds struck a tree at a high rate of speed.

Christian Slater was taken to a local hospital by ski patrol teams however; it is reported that the actor died instantly due to the crash. Sources said that actor was wearing a helmet during the accident and he didn’t take any drugs or alcohol at that time.

However, keep an eye on this page for further updates on Christian Slater death.

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