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Election Commission of India Allows NRI’s To Vote In The Coming Assembly Elections

The Election Commission of India has announced the date of elections in the five states of India. These states are expected to go to the polls during the months of April and May. The five states which are going to the polls include West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Assam, Poducherry and Kerala.

The election to these states will start from April 4th and will continue till the first week of May. The counting of votes will take place on May 13th. The following is the details of the election schedule as announced by the Election Commission of India.

Assam – 4th and 11th April
Kerala, Tamilnadu and Puducherry – 13th April
West Bengal – 18th April

In West Bengal, the election will be held in five phases. Meanwhile, Election Commission of India has agreed to increase the expenses for the candidates going for the Assembly polls. For the assembly elections, the hike has been made to Rs 16 lakhs from Rs 10 lakhs. Chiek Election Commissioner Quraishi has said that ration cards will be acceptable for voting purpose.

Moreover, this is for the first time in the voting history of India, Non Resident Indians will be able to cast their votes in the assembly elections. As per the rule, NRI’s will have to register in India as voters and be physically present on the day of the voting. They will not be allowed to do postal balloting.

The NRI voters will have to fill up the registration form and submit it to the local office of the Election Commission of India. The application can also be submitted by post. Once he gets registered as a voter, he gets the right to contest in the polls also.

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