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Petrol Price Hike Leaves Citizens Angry

Oil companies in India, on Saturday have decided to increase the petrol price by Rs.5 litre. This decision has raised the fumes of anger among citizens, especially in New Delhi. The citizens of India, who are already bearing the inflation disaster, are once again given the shock of life with the steep increase in petrol prices.

The minute people happened to see the news flashed by media rushed to the nearest petro station in the city to get their vehicle tank full of petrol. The cities all over the nation were seen flooded with long queues of vehicles at the numerous petrol pumps.

The hike in petrol prices is really going to dig a big hole in the common man’s pocket and may disturb their household budget. Ritika Sharma, a BA student from Noida stated that the hike in petro prices will also have an adverse affect over the food items which may face a massive increase in coming months.

Aslam Khan, an auto parts agent clarified that if the petrol prices is going to hike like this, then he has no other option left than buying a CNG kit for his car. He rightly blamed the government for its shameless act for supporting inflation day by day.

Rajesh Kumar, 30 years old businessman has openly challenged the government by saying that if it can tolerate rising corruption between politicians and officials then why can’t it take the trouble of subsidy also. Why the common man should suffer for all this.

It is to mention that the revised rate prescribed by oil companies in four major metros is as follows:

Delhi – Rs.63.37

Mumbai – Rs.68.33

Kolkata – Rs.67.71

Chennai – Rs.67.22


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