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What Is The New Google Search Algorithm?

Google has made a major change in their search result this week. The change has started showing some noticeable effects on the websites getting the traffic. Millions of websites in different parts of the world get their traffic from the Google search engine and they also earn their revenue from that traffic.

Google officials have said that for the sake of their users, they want to have good quality content on the top of their search engines. The change in the algorithm is going to affect about 12% of the search results.

Google wants to give specific and relevant answers to the users who are searching for queries. We all know that new content comes online round the clock and Google has decided that only the good content will get its space on the top page of the search results. Google says that their users are saying that they want to see good quality content only in their search and avoid poor quality content.

The change is going to affect the firms most who write news articles like a SEO content. They follow all the topics from Google trend and write content in mass. Hence many webmasters have started complaining that traffic to their websites have started dropping dramatically for the past few days in spite of updating the content. Some of the websites have recorded a 40% drop in traffic from Google. This seems to be a major initiative by Google to improve the quality of their search results and penalize those “content stuffers” who write articles from the trend and do keyword stuffing to a great extent.

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