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World Enjoys Total Lunar Eclipse In June 2011

The whole country is going to under the immense appearance of Total Lunar Eclipse on 15th June, 2011. It will be termed as the high time for the sky watchers to see moon with 10,000 to 100,000 times dimmer in appearance.

It is said to be the first event of the lunar eclipse of the year 2011 that will surpass the earth’s shadow from the center and appears to be in the copper red colour. The major attraction of places where it can be witnessed clearly is the India, China, Pakistan, Arabia, Kazakistan and eastern Africa.

As per the information and confirmation given by the scientists over the world that the total phase of the lunar eclipse June 2011 is going to last up to 100 minutes and is about to remain as the darkest eclipse of the year.

According to information given by Astronomers Society of Karachi, the Pakistan can share its viewing to Lunar Eclipse from 11:23 to 3:02, which is termed to be the same as occurred on 16th July, 2000.

And if we go by the universal time (UTC) the totality of eclipse will commence at 19:22 and ends at 21:03 UTC. The sky watchers may enjoy watching it in about one hour forty minutes time.

Though, this lunar eclipse June 2011 is going to be the excellent eclipse for the entire world but may not for North American, as it is not going to be visible at this particular place including some parts of Europe and Asia

It is to mention that the country will witness its next total lunar eclipse on 27th July, 2018.


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