Nobody Knows The Cause Behind Aretha Franklin Surgery

Legendary singer Aretha Franklin recently went through a surgery. This Thursday she declared her operation to be “highly successful”, thanking her doctors and nurses who continuously supported her to recover soon with all their good wishes as well as her fans from all over the city. The 68-year-old famous singer, who has throughout maintained a privacy about her health related problems, did not disclose the type of her disease or the causes for her current medical procedure.

Last month, the Queen of Soul declared that she would cancel the entire concert dates and personal appearances in the month of May as per doctors’ instructions. That news came soon after a short visit of Aretha Franklin to Detroit hospital. A month before, the singer broke multiple ribs in a fall, shat caused her to cancel two pre-scheduled performances in New York.

Despite the series of ailments, Franklin has throughout remained positive and that proves her to be simply extraordinary. She said. “God bless you all for your prayers.”

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