Careful About Sleep After Your Divorce

If you have gone through a divorce and find it difficult to sleep at night, please be careful. The researchers have said that it will lead to more blood pressure and that may lead to early death. Research done at the University of Arizona revealed that during the earlier days of divorce, sleep related issues happen in many cases. But the matter is serious if the sleep disorder continues for a longer period.

Doctors say that changes in resting the blood pressure was associated with sleep related problems about three months earlier. He said that cumulative bad effects can be seen only after a period of 10 weeks or so. He has said a word of caution – the case may become serious if the person is already suffering from high blood pressure.

Systolic blood pressure measures the number at the top and counts the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats. Diastolic pressure signifies the bottom number and is a measure of the pressure in the arteries between heartbeats.


JIT Mukherjii
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