What Is So Amazing In The 17 Day Diet?

Have you heard about the revolutionary 17 day diet that has created quite a stir for being effective, safe and quick in helping to lose weight? Created by Dr. Mike Moreno this program is actually geared towards changing the eating habits every 17 days to ensure that the body gets used to a change in the metabolism after the cycle of each 17 days. In four 17 days cycle you will be in your fittest shape knowing what to eat and how to eat and most importantly how to maintain the great body that you have attained through the 17 day diet. Though initially the whole idea was introduced to shed off the additional weight that one gains during holidays, later it was found to be an effective weight loss program that can be adopted by anybody at any time of the year.

Instead of the usual fixed diet that ensures you eat little bits of several kinds of food or work out thoroughly, this plan actually focuses on eating a good portion and changing the intake of calories after every 17 days. The four cycles of 17 day diet concentrates on the four phases to accelerate, activate, achieve and arrive and if one you have attained these goals respectively Dr. Mike will aid you in knowing how to maintain it.

Starting with losing weight rapidly by cleansing sugar from the body, the moderation intake of calories to adapting new fitness routines and finally using a combination of the first three steps are for attaining the final body perfection in order to stay fit.


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